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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm Red, A Fruit, Abundant and In Season. What Am I?

Cherry Tomatoes!

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  1. I have had no luck with tomatoes this year. I think there are a few green ones there. I really need to avert my eyes from the neighbour's lush and overly productive garden...or sneak over while they are at work!

  2. It was a tough year for tomatoes around here. I had a lovely (and massive) plant and it produced pretty well but the tomatoes rotted before I could even pick them. Not because they were over ripe but because of the weather conditions. Boo.

  3. My cherry tomatoes came out pretty good this year. Because I live in a desert, I made sure that they were in the shade.

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  4. those don't come from a store in a nice little box??? Huh. Who knew?